Any organization, group, business or individual that commits to private charter rental of the Hiawatha for an event will be required to read and agree to the formal rules and regulations. You may review the information before contacting us to request a contract. We hope you will find this information useful.


According to the United States Coast Guard, the Hiawatha passenger is 105 persons, all inclusive. The upper deck is limited to 55 people, no exceptions.


In the event of severe river conditions as determined by Hiawatha, Inc. or Captain of the Hiawatha, the charteree has the option of holding the function aboard the Hiawatha as scheduled, but remaining at port, or rescheduling the charter. Should neither option be feasible, other arrangements may be made with Hiawatha, Inc. If the charteree remains aboard the Hiawatha at port, Hiawatha, Inc. agrees to refund half of the chartered amount. If the charteree reschedules, the total cruise amount will advance to the rescheduled date. If no option is feasible and other arrangements are made, Hiawatha, Inc. will refund the total charter amount.


Catering aboard the Hiawatha by a licensed business is permitted.


The Hiawatha does maintain a Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board license. Therefore, no alcoholic beverages are permitted to be brought aboard the Hiawatha. It is strictly prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages on the docks of the Hiawatha and the premises of the Susquehanna State Park. All rules and regulations of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board apply.


Soliciting, excessive noise, profanity, unruly behavior, or sales of any sort are prohibited at all times in the Susquehanna State Park and aboard the Hiawatha. Sunbathing, running, fishing, diving or jumping off the Hiawatha is also prohibited. Appropriate dress is required at the Susquehanna State Park and aboard the Hiawatha.


The Captain of the Hiawatha is the absolute authority on the vessel. The Captain maintains the discretion to issue directives necessary for the preservation of the Hiawatha and its passengers. The Captain is assigned the right to terminate the excursion at any point during the cruise if the safety or comfort of the passengers is jeopardized, the Hiawatha is in peril, or applicable laws and the rules of the boat are blatantly disregarded. There shall be no recourse upon the Captain’s decision to return to port and under such circumstances, a refund will not be given.


The individual or organization signing the 2016 Hiawatha Contract is liable for its actions regardless of whether negligent, fraudulent, deceitful, as a result of product liability, warranty, estoppel, contract violation or any other theory or cause of action whatsoever which results in any damage done to the Susquehanna State Park, the Hiawatha, Hiawatha, Inc. or anyone else or any other entity. The Chartering group or individual agrees to indemnity and hold harmless Hiawatha, Inc., Susquehanna State Park, the Hiawatha or any of their agents, servants, employees, or designees for any damages under any theory set forth above or any other theory including but not limited to attorney’s fees and cost. Hiawatha, Inc., Hiawatha, Susquehanna State Park, their agents, servants, employees, or designees are held harmless and indemnified regardless of whether the conduct of the individual or organization signing this agreement acts in negligence, breach of warranty, contract violation, estoppel, deceit, fraud, of any other theory or cause of action whatsoever. Furthermore, said signatory hereto is intended and is specifically binding on the agents, servants, employees or designees of the signing party or individual. The signature hereto absolves Hiawatha, Inc., the Hiawatha and the Susquehanna State Park, their officers, agents, servants, employees or designees or volunteers of any liability whatsoever for damage or injury caused, inflicted, or incurred by any passengers on the vessel whether paying or non-paying, and regardless of whether the conduct consists of acts of negligence, breach of warranty, contract violation, estoppel, deceit, fraud of any other theory or cause of action whatsoever.

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